Charitable Resilience for Uncertain Times

R4C helps you as a charity to become more resilient: to better prepare for and manage current and future uncertainty, to ’thrive’ and not merely ’survive’!


Resilience for Charities (R4C) is the trading name for the charity sector services offered by Global Security and Disaster Management Ltd (GSDM), an independent training and consultancy company offering resilience solutions in response to some of the most pressing challenges of our time. We have the overarching goal of ‘Preventing Disasters, Protecting Lives’. GSDM (R4C) is a highly ethical company, committed to the highest standards of excellence, innovation and integrity.

Many in the charity sector - whatever your mission, work and size – could benefit greatly from becoming more resilient as organisations. This could better prepare and equip you to navigate through currently unprecedented, as well as future, times of uncertainty and challenge. The reality, though, is that many charities are unfamiliar with the principles of resilience and their associated benefits.

R4C exists to introduce you as a charity to the concept of resilience and to help you on this journey, so that you do not merely ‘survive’, but rather ‘thrive’, in the face of whatever internal or external challenges you may face.


Recognising the invaluable contribution that charities make to society, we have established R4C as the not-for-profit arm of GSDM.

Our vision is two-fold:
(1) To assist charities, including churches, to become more resilient; and
(2) To reinvest funds generated by R4C’s services into further charitable work.

R4C’s resilience services are guided by the following principles:

Affordable: to charge you modest, non-commercial fees appropriate for the charity sector, reflective of your available resources;
Accessible: for our services to be readily available to you whatever your charitable size or location; and for our outputs to be easy for you to understand;
Applicable: for our work to be tailored to your individual needs as a charity to ensure that it is always relevant, helpful and appropriate;
Achievable: for our recommendations and proposed solutions to be readily implementable by your, whatever your size and available resources.

Our Professional Services

The primary service that we offer to you as a charity is the undertaking of resilience audits.

In making an overall assessment about the resilience of your organisation, we consider your key strengths and weaknesses, focussing especially on the identification of any gaps within your existing systems and processes or other potential vulnerabilities which may make you more susceptible to negative impacts caused by different types of risk. We then make recommendations and propose practical solutions as to how you might best resolve these gaps and vulnerabilities.

In some instances, we may also be able to assist you in addressing identified weaknesses, whether by ourselves and/or through our trusted partners who share our vision and values.

Areas we can examine during an audit include your administrative, financial, human resourcing, data protection, safeguarding, health and safety, insurance, IT, business continuity and training systems and processes. The audit can be tailored towards your own priority issues.

Resilience Audit Packages

We offer a range of resilience audit packages. Typically, these will take 3 - 5 days depending upon such factors as the size of your charity, and the depth and breadth of issues that you would like for us to consider. Further consultancy support is available too.

For more details, please get in touch.

I cannot recommend Resilience for Charities highly enough. I have received extraordinary personalised service, bespoke to the needs of our Charity, which was delivered with utter professionalism. All recommendations were extremely insightful and transformational, making us more resilient and confident going forwards.

Jan Ransom,
Director, Flame International

R4C really helped us to navigate safely through deep waters of complexity during a period of difficult growing pains. With professional ease and pragmatism, they helped us to restructure the charity, achieve CIO status and put new systems in place, leaving us confident and resilient. We are forever grateful for their excellence and help.

Chris and Tracey Wickland
Senior Pastors
Living Word Church Network