Refresh Business Ltd provides competitively priced operational support to charities and SMEs across a wide range of sectors, whether on a short or longer term basis.  We are a team of dedicated professionals - drawn from complimentary financial, administrative, Human Resources, business operations and marketing backgrounds - who get excited by making a difference.  Our vision is to free you up as busy charity staff/trustees and business owners to focus on your primary strategic work, be it charitable mission or business development, whilst we focus on the routine detail of administering your charity or business.

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The Charity Governance Guide provides training and support for charities. Our aim is to give both new and experienced trustees and executive staff the knowledge they need – as quickly, painlessly and efficiently as possible. We recognise that both time and money are valuable assets, and we know that charities never have enough of either. We are not here for profit – we're here to help; so we will seek the most cost effective solution to achieve better governance.

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I'm passionate about good design, visual communication and making your business, or ministry, look great! With over 20 years Graphic Design experience I can help you with branding, stationery, flyers, leaflets, newsletters, web presence, posters, banners, the list goes on, from design to artworking to printing, delivered direct to you. Get in touch!

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Everybody makes Charity happen. But the public support that charities rely on to survive and thrive cannot be taken for granted.

To rebuild and maintain the resilience of charitable institutions as the vehicles of social and public good in a post-pandemic world – we must learn from this experience and convert those lessons into opportunities to build back better."

Baroness Stowell, Chair of the Charities Commission, Speech for the Annual Public Meeting, 1 October 2020