To make our services fully accessible to all, we offer generous discounted rates to new, smaller, less well resourced and/or struggling charities.

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Resilience Audit Packages

Our extensive resilience auditing services cover many different aspects of risk management and resilience.

We offer a number of resilience audit packages, which may be undertaken on their own, in combination with other packages, or on a rolling basis as part of your risk management strategy.

  • Risk and resilience framework essentials
  • Charitable governance
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Compliance (data protection, health and safety, and safeguarding)
  • IT/cyber (operations and security)
  • Business continuity planning

An audit involves:
(1) Identifying primary threats, risks, and vulnerabilities which may weaken your core business operations and ability to deliver on your charitable mission;
(2) Making assessments about the current maturity levels of your charity’s organisational resilience in relation to your primary identified risks and vulnerabilities; and
(3) Recommending actions and resources to help you progress the audit’s key findings to make you more resilient.

For further details, please get in touch with use to discuss your individual requirements.

Mini Resilience Audit

If you would like to trial our services, undertake a basic risk and resilience analysis to identify any potentially critical risks and/or vulnerabilities, or determine whether your charity would benefit from a more extensive audit, then you may be interested in arranging for us to undertake a mini resilience audit.

Periodic Resilience ‘Health Check’

Tailored to your specific needs, a periodic 'health check' can monitor and facilitate continuous progress by your charity towards increased organisational resilience. In addition to helping you progress key findings and recommendations made during one of our audits, it can also ensure that your charitable business operations keep abreast of any new or emerging threats or risks which may impact negatively upon the delivery of your charitable mission.

New Charity Set-up

Are you thinking of establishing a new charity? But you are not quite sure how to do it, or you are daunted by the legal requirements and practical steps involved? If so, let us help you set it up correctly and ensure your resilience from the outset.

Many of the most common resilience weaknesses experienced by charities - especially in the areas of governance, compliance, finance, risk management and business continuity - are attributable to not having been set up appropriately.

A small investment now could save your charity considerable time, effort and resources later to address problems, rectify weaknesses and to become resilient, thereby allowing you to focus on the delivery of your core charitable mission and objectives.

Professional Charity Support Services

If you don't have the necessary capacity and skills or simply need further support to administer your charity, you may be interested in using our professional charity support services. Let us take away the related stress and burden in the short to longer term, whether you are operating in the UK or overseas.

For example, you may be a small UK-based charity operating overseas, struggling to find the right people to manage the financial and compliance aspects of your charity’s business. Or you may be a larger charity with a short term capacity gap that needs to be filled.

These support services are available across the areas covered by our resilience auditing services.

Our Other Services

We off the following additional services

Consultancy support

Whether to address gaps and vulnerabilities identified by our audit, or in relation to any other charitable resilience matter.


Bespoke to the requirements of your charity, which can be delivered in person or virtually.

Provision of resources

These services are delivered either by our own team or through one of our trusted partners.

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We work with a number of trusted partners who share our vision and venues. For further details see Our Partners page.