Charitable Resilience for Uncertain Times



Our extensive resilience auditing services cover many different aspects of risk management, legal compliance and governance. The principal topics and specific issues that we offer are:

• Charitable Governance
Governing/constitutional document, terms of reference, governance (general, financial, conflicts of interest), legal compliance (including employees), charitable business planning/risk management, insurance, anti-bribery and corruption, and training.

• Human Resources Part A (Legal/Contractual)
Employees (recruitment, new joiners, contracts, terms of reference, staff development, disputes, flexible working), self-employed contractors and service providers (especially contracts), volunteers (legal status/rights, terms of reference and agreements, legal compliance).

• Human Resources Part B (Policies and Practice)
Policies, terms of reference, implementation and training in relation to:
equal opportunities and diversity, anti-harassment and bullying, disciplinary, grievance, and employee improvement.

• Compliance Part A (Data Protection)
Policies and process, terms of reference, committees, training, legalities (consent, ICO registration), risk management (general, remote/home working), data management, data/cyber security and data breach, and documentation (retention schedule, privacy notices, data requests and recording).

• Compliance Part B (Health and Safety)
Policies and process, terms of reference, committees, legal obligations including recording/reporting requirements, risk management (general and specific risks), training, employees (lone working, home-based working), and use of personal vehicles for charitable business.

• Compliance Part C (Safeguarding)
Policies and process, terms of reference, committees, recruitment, disclosure and barring service checks, risk management, insurance, reporting and records, training, and overseas operations (policies and process).

• Operational (IT Systems/Cyber Security)
Policies and process, terms of reference, risk management and security, good IT housekeeping, IT/cyber security, incident reporting, and training.

• Finance and Administration
Policies and process, terms of reference, committees, training, risk management, financial resilience, financial governance (planning and budgeting, bank account and cash handling), financial reporting, financial controls, due diligence, and financial/administrative systems (including databases, accounting systems).

• Business Continuity
Policies and process, terms of reference, planning and analysis, training and exercising, incident response, incident management, incident recovery and learning.

Resilience Audit Packages

We offer a range of resilience audit packages. Typically, these will take 3 - 5 days depending upon such factors as the size of your charity, and the depth and breadth of issues that you would like for us to consider. Further consultancy support is available too.

For more details, please get in touch.

I cannot recommend Resilience for Charities highly enough. I have received extraordinary personalised service, bespoke to the needs of our Charity, which was delivered with utter professionalism. All recommendations were extremely insightful and transformational, making us more resilient and confident going forwards.

Jan Ransom,
Director, Flame International

R4C really helped us to navigate safely through deep waters of complexity during a period of difficult growing pains. With professional ease and pragmatism, they helped us to restructure the charity, achieve CIO status and put new systems in place, leaving us confident and resilient. We are forever grateful for their excellence and help.

Chris and Tracey Wickland
Senior Pastors
Living Word Church Network